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Happy Thanksgiving

November 25, 2010

Enjoy the Turkey.

Birdie three in a row to celebrate.

That’s how Bobby Hill gets it done!


Golden Corner Chainsaw Classic Results

November 22, 2010

I really like Walhalla.


It’s a nice little town and the course there at Sertoma Park is great.

If it didn’t take more than an hour in travel time I think I’d play that course a lot.  It’s VERY hilly.  Actually, picture a single giant hill in the center of the course with all the holes around, up, down, and over that one big mound.

It does make for some creative downhill shots and at least one, hole #3, 400 foot downhill shot that most players will have fun reaching.

The Chainsaw classic was my first ever round on the course and I think it went O.K.-ish.

I did step down to the Recreation division which, according to my rating, is where I’m supposed to be anyway.    I finished 3rd, despite a complete meltdown late in my first round.

So, here are my recap notes :

  • First, here are the actual results on the PDGA website.
  • I also want to congratulate a friend who was in my group both rounds, Bennett Thompson, for both winning and for firing an outstanding round one 48!
  • The Open Pro winner, Luke Reiser, shot the best single round of the event with a first round 41!  Yeah, that beat me by 17 strokes!
  • There was a separate ace pool for each round.  There were two aces in the first round.  One of the guys who hit an ace didn’t enter to pool.  Shame.
  • Kudos to Adam “sadjo” for running a really well-managed event.  I know he would have liked to play, but by focusing on his TD role he really kept it going well.
  • We couldn’t have hoped for better weather that Saturday.  Absolutely Perfect.

That’s what I got.  Enjoyed it as always.  The next tournament I play will be the Big Island Open in Hawaii!



Discraft Elite-Z Avenger Review

November 15, 2010

This month we’re adding another review of discs supplied by the good folks at

For the first review, check out Otis’ write-up of the Gateway Supersoft Wizard.

For those new to the site, we’re (Otis, Pauly, and I) given a disc each month to test out and review here in exchange for a link back to the discgolfstation site.  They’ve been very generous with us and I hope any reader here who sees a disc they’re interested in will check out the prices and stock there before they buy.

That’s said, here are my thoughts on the Discraft Elite-Z Avenger :

The Discraft Elite-Z Avenger

Otis and Pauly are in Los Angeles this week covering some esoteric poker-related phenomenon, so I’m here frolfing by myself.

I’ve tried the Avenger several times now and used it at both Timmons and at Century Park in Greer.  I’d sum it up like this, I LOVE IT and will keep it in my bag.  I suspect Otis will find special situations in which this disc is quite useful but he’ll use it pretty rarely.

New players or those without much arm speed and snap will have some difficulty controlling this very overstable disc.

So far I’ve had the best luck with my Avenger as a forehand disc.  That isn’t a surprise.  In fact, here’s how it’s described on the site :

“The Avenger, when thrown hard and released flat, will follow a straight line; when thrown with anhyzer, will slowly “come back” and finish with hyzer. The Elite-Z plastic is very durable and will keep your disc in great condition round after round!”

Normally, I expect my forehand to have a good S-curve.  I snap, left-handed, and let it go to the right before it’s stability pulls it back to the left.  This one is as predictable as an Otis triple bogey.

On the other hand, I do think I throw pretty “hard” and release pretty “flat”, but have had some difficulty controlling the hyzer with this disc.   The Z plastic version of the Avenger IS more stable than the others (a 1.8 turn rating from Discraft) and this one needs a VERY strong toss to get the maximum distance.

I also tried the Avenger as a forehand and backhand roller.  That may actually be what this disc does best.   I’ve had great success so far with rollers and have found them reliable at the least.

Here’s what I tell people about a new disc :  What the disc is designed to do is really less important than what it does when YOU throw it.  If it does the same thing each time you toss it a particular way, and if you can count on it to perform in that fashion, it is useful.

So my conclustion, more advanced players will find this disc, or one like it, essential.  Think of it as being somewhat similar to the INNOVA BOSS.  Great distance if you have the arm and a reliable fade at the end.  Newer players may also find some use in have a disc in their bag that can reliably come back this much.  Think of a good spike hyzer or a hyzer flip.

Unlike the Wizard, this one will stay in my bag for now.

Fear The Walhalla Chainsaw

November 12, 2010

Hopefully everyone remembers that guy with a chainsaw who chased a couple of disc golfers around Sertoma Park with a chainsaw.

What better fun than a tournament to “honor” that insanity?

The GOLDEN CORNER CHAINSAW CLASSIC is a week from tomorrow on November the 20th and this humble blogger has already registered.

I had to give it a go and was able to get frolf permission from the wife because of my dismal showing in the Upstate Classic last weekend.

I feel a little better about my game now and I’ve never played the Walhalla course.

Here are the Classic Results by the way.

And Upstate Folfer’s Coverage of

Upstate Classic Day One

Upstate Classic Day Two

Upstate Classic 2010

November 8, 2010
Disc Golf Classic 2010, Timmons Park, Greenville, SC

Disc Golf Classic 2010, Timmons Park, Greenville, SC

Congratulations to the brave and weather-tested competitors in this year’s Upstate Classic.   It was 31 degrees when we first teed off on Saturday.  It was a solid, and I suppose mentally reassuring, one degree warmer at first tee Sunday.

I can’t claim to have witnessed all the action since I was so deeply immersed in my own failings, but I hope you’ve checked out some of the more than 200 pictures Tim Whims took on the first day.

I’d suggest looking at how well shot they all are, but honestly, just look and find a picture of yourself.  I did.  I admit it.

As for my play?  Lousy.  Really, really, consistently lousy.  But unlike last year when I melted down and had a generally lousy time, I actually had a blast this year.  Surprising given my near-last-place finish.

First, for historical comparison :

In 2008 I was remarkably reliable in my awful scores :

Round 1 : 60 (+6)

Round 2 : 60 (+6)

Round 3 : 59 (+5)

Round 4 : 61 (+7)

Total Tournament Score : 240 (+24)

I like to point out that this was my first-ever PDGA event as an excuse.

In 2009, I actually tried to put a little run together and was on the second card in the last round, then…MELTDOWN!

Round 1 : 53 (-1)

Round 2 : 54 (E)

Round 3 : 52 (-2)

Round 4 : 63 (+9)

Final Tournament Score : 222 (+6)

I think I enjoyed that last round last year about the least of any round I’ve ever played.

So now to this year, and it got ugly early.  I like to think I used each round as a throwback to one of the prior years :

Round 1 : 60 (+6)

Round 2 : 53 (-1)

Round 3 : 59 (+5)

Round 4 : 52 (-2)

Now I’m going to point out here that it was, again, very cold for the morning rounds and I played much better in the sunny afternoon rounds.  Also, I did endure some God-Awful luck in that first (+6) round.

For example, a pretty excellent drive on hole 5 managed to clip a tree deep on the left side of the fairway and take that dreaded 90 degree turn to the creek.   But really, I never had a good groove running.


  • The Upstate continues to have one of the best-natured and likable groups of players around.  I was with several different people, some I knew some I didn’t, in my various foursomes.  I liked talking to them all and the quality of the comraderie remains one of the best features of the Upstate Classic.
  • Congratulations to “The Other Bill” for his personal best ever score in round two. I think it was a 47?  Great round by him and I was happy to see him play well.
  • A bummer this year, Sarah Stanhope was unable to play while she recovers from being a little under the weather.
  • This year’s event wasn’t full.  That’s unusual as it usually fills up well in advance.  I’m not sure what led to the decline in interest but I know some regular players like Brandon Barker and Christine Savvakis had other obligations this weekend and couldn’t make it.
  • There were a surprising number of people, and I don’t know the exact number, who registered, paid, played the first day, and then didn’t show up for day 2.  Sometimes that’s just unavoidable.  But it can make things difficult for the tournament organizers who need to know how to arrange their grouping cards for each round.  It was handled well, but I still found it strange.

Congratulations to the winners this year!  I’ll play again next year….even if I am getting worse.

Upstate Disc Golf Classic Day One In Pictures

November 6, 2010
Upstate Disc Golf Classic

Upstate Disc Golf Classic 2010 Slide Show | Photography by Tim Whims

November and the Upstate Disc Golf Classic

November 6, 2010

Good to be back loyal reader (that’s the singular on purpose),

It’s been slow on Ye Olde Blog lately and I’m sorry for that.  It’s not for a lack of actual frolfing.  In fact, I’ve been playing more.  My game’s gone to crap, but I’m still playing.

This is a post to wish everyone good luck in the tournament at Timmons Park this morning.  I’ll be there and I’ll be stinking it up as always.

Here soon I’m hoping for a great Pauly post about our round last month at Trophy Lakes.  And we’ve got another great disc review coming this month.

Plus, for what it’s worth, I’ll recap each day of the Classic here too.

See you soon…and this time I mean it.